John Kennedy Rizzo

John Kennedy Rizzo

Problems of the Heart

Hearing, Seeing and the Problems of the Human Heart

Matthew 13:14

“By hearing ye shall hear and not understand; and seeing ye shall see and not perceive…”

In order for Jesus to indeed best explain the spiritual components of existence on earth and the future of spiritual realities of his kingdom in heaven, Jesus used parables, symbolic examples, keeping it simple while speaking to the people at a level they might begin to understand.  Beginning with for example, Jesus, the Good Shepherd.  Did Jesus actually come to earth to suffer and die to tell us how to better herd sheep?  No.  He was speaking in terms that simple human beings (compared to simple sheep), which people could relate to: sheep a main economy, something that everyone could relate to at the time.  Also because sheep with their very small minds, needed constant care and guidance, Christ refers to himself as the Good Shepherd.  Again, this was all symbolic, Jesus was not a shepherd, no less a fisherman as he is also so often related to, in specific, once more symbolically referring to making “fishers of men.”  Jesus did not come to teach us how to fish, but with the deeper spiritual meaning of gathering (like netting, and catching fish as his disciples did, and again like much of the economy around the Mediterranean which depended on fish for its livelihood), similarly compared to attracting and gathering “netting” if you will people for the future kingdom of heaven.

Jesus goes to some extreme examples in John 6:55 Jesus said unto them, Except you eat the flesh of the son of man and drink his blood you will have no life in you.  Of course we cannot do either, as we are not cannibals, and the Jews, like many including some of his own disciples were so very confused by this, and not able to see the deeper symbolic meaning, rejected Jesus.  But this was all part of the plan, as Jesus came to earth to be crucified, to die, to give his life as a ransom sacrifice for all, his main objective our Savior, in order to break the code of sin and set mankind, his children free from eternal death and suffering.

In short, now referring to the reality of the Old Testament, Jesus uses many examples of faith, beginning with Moses, in order to receive the Law, the basic governing principals of mankind, in order to honor God and to respect one another as children of God, to live peaceably with one another.  But in particular is the Sadduccees and the Pharisees to be pointed out by Jesus, the people of society who should have known better, the scribes of the Law and the ruling class.  Many times Jesus simply points out the hypocrisy of their ethnocentric (narrow minded) views of reality and religion, their one-sided view of things that caused so very much division similar to all the many divisions in the churches today.  Though we have come to know one Son who came to earth as a ransom sacrifice to free us from the bonds of sin he also taught us the most important two laws in the entire Scriptures.  The Great Commandment as Christ’s refers to: To love the Lord thy God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the first and great commandment.  And the second in like unto it, Thou shall love they neighbor as thyself.  Upon these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

God is love.  And God will always be love.  As he said: “You will know them by their fruits.”  We must all examine ourselves and given our God-given abilities, produce what we believe is the best we can offer.

Simply look at the birds of the air, the mountains, hills, the valleys lakes and streams teaming with life, the many oceans and all the economies of mankind.  God is alive today and forever, shepherding his people.  For God says, “all who do the works of the Lord shall be rewarded.”  And simply, “Whoever seeks him shall be saved.” Romans 10:13  So look to God’s regularity and faithfulness, every morning beginning with the Sun, and give thanks to our Lord for another day of his everlasting peace, working together with one another looking forward towards to his eternal joy and happiness.  Giving thanks to our Lord God for our eternal life through his merciful works of salvation: His death on the cross alongside two thieves, who Christ promised to be with in heaven before the end of that evening.   What a comfort knowing the impartiality and the incomprehensible level of love and forgiveness our Lord God displays for all of us to use towards one another so that we all may also live in perfect peace with him one day, free of pain and sorrow and filled with his everlasting peace, love and joy!  May my words always reign with the Spirit of Christ for all humanity.  Amen.


By John Kennedy Rizzo