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Another Planet In Time





Another Planet In Time


John Kennedy Rizzo


John Kennedy Rizzo, author of Rising from Hell and German Willy: An American Hero, and now Another Planet In Time, which describes mankind's insatiable desire to ever want more than he or she actually needs, to the point of self-destruction.  Specifically we see in Another Planet In Time, this ever-ambitious and competitive race of people, after depleting their own planet earth, they continually move from one planet to another, until there is actually none left in sight, until their final destination--entering the sun.


The story begins with American high school kids who set up a sinister plan to take over the world.  Modeling their parents, the children learn to cheat, steal and lie through the world's largest ever-known international internet system known to mankind--perverting the use of all the most advanced technology ; once used for the most effective and safe, all-renewable energy delivery systems in transportation, including the automobile industry, aircraft, shipping; and also in the most advanced communication systems (including the internet), and turning them into the world's most destructive, most frightening mass dilemma of fear that shuts down all the systems of the earth planet to a darkened end.


American kid's trust in the foreign kid's computer skills in exchange for their own English skills is how it all began.  However, with greed and deception on the part of the American kids, who initially started this whole conspiracy--similar to the never satisfied corrupt leaders and people prior to the fall of all the world's previous great empires: from Egypt, Israel, Syria, Babylon, Turkey, to Greece Rome and Spain; to England to "New England" to America--to our final frontier to explore and conquer--Outer Space--our final home in the sun.


The Prophet Isaiah Said 2, 700 Years Ago: the World Of Today Is Nears Its End! 


World Prediction: As I have documented over these many years, along with Scripture, the so-called Yellow Race will come (is actually here now among us) to take over this planet earth, and take with it, the best and most well prepared people in order to begin another civilization--As God has planned--in outer space on another one of his well-watered green planets of another sun.


Isaiah 1:2 “Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth:  for the Lord hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me.”


Iraq: The Fertile Crescent, where God blessed his people with everything and more; they turned these blessings into machinery of war.  Isaiah 1:7 “Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire; your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate.  As overthrown by strangers.”


“There’s something there Miker, I don’t know what it is yet--I don’t even understand this advanced-supercomputech stuff yet--but there’s something there.”  Yeah, something like my children’s children just might begin to understand one day.”


“Well Miker, I have to get going to my next class--English.  I’ll never figure it out why we have to study our own language so much, especially among all these other people from all these other countries who really need to be learning this language of ours so much more than us?  We really need to be studying these more important life-saving skills, like this supercomputer stuff that can now think on its own.  Maybe we can grab one of those extra ones in the lab and bring it home to teach it to do our homework? or tapes to study of that other astro/cosmotech stuff they been trying so hard to get us to understand for so long now; as if the sky is now more important than the planet earth?"


"I tell you Tim, we’ve always been a resourceful bunch of brains.  Why don’t we see if we can make a deal with those Asian kids who seem to be trying so very hard to learn English, in exchange for them teaching us this high-tech astrophysics stuff and all the supercomputer science and engineering that goes along with it?  You know Miker, we’ve always been on top of everything, but what these Asian kids know is the way the world is going; whether its staying here on earth or making plans right here in our own country, using our own resources to head out and build another well-equipped civilization somewhere else in the cosmos and leave us English speaking folks all right here with our own polished English skills and depleted planet.  I don’t know, but we got to get going and do something soon!'


American Kids now join up to make a deal with these foreign kids who already know this science and computer stuff so much better than they do.  In exchange for English lessons, the little Korean boys show the Americans only the basics about the super computer.  Eventually the Americans come around to not trusting the Koreans, but by this time it’s too late.  The Koreans have mastered English, mastered the supercomputer, have gained access to the powers of government in America, and have come to take over America (no less the world) as the Scriptures tell us in end-time prophecies).  America is no longer America.  In schools throughout America,, Korean is now the primary language used.  Former Americans are frustrated and angry, which leads to a revolution, which ultimately leads to a world war.  Nobody trusts anyone and the entire world as we know it stops.  People are frozen, as the government, out of fear, reorganizes itself with a near totalitarian, SS, Nazi-like system that has the entire country in a state of shock.  Police trained to be of service to the public, are now allowed to enter homes at will, for any suspicious behavior against the government.  In effect, their own family members are afraid of each other.



"The 'Dinner Scene' which represents America at its economic finest, yet at the same time, is wasting its resources like they are forever plentiful and renewable."


It is a picture of a wealthy American family sitting down to dinner with their children flinging their food and extra deserts at each other, back and forth.   It is a very stressful and poignant scene, as their dog just outside the dining room window is looking in on all this with a very confused look on his face and salivating while looking at all the extra meats on the table just sitting there.  Eventually to show the ultimate display of waste and arrogance, given all that the family throws out after finishing eating; actually twice as much food as it originally prepared for the original meal for only four people.  With not even the slightest thought to all the others in the world truly starving; and possibly giving the children something wonderful to do with their young lives, such as becoming volunteers and donating the rest of the unused pounds of untouched foods to those most in need at the nearest soup kitchen (how it all should really be); they quickly dispose of all the un-eaten food; not even considering their own dog, who again, looks baffled by the entire play with food. 


No less, the kids all sit around the table continually playing with their food, as their parents ran around with so many other things to do getting dinner ready for everyone.  But before long, the kids again started throwing portions of food at each other, and across the room as their parents weren’t looking.  By the time they all sat down to eat, the very exhausted and over worked parents, now disgusted as usual with their children, made a casual remark as to who was going to clean up the mess this time?  Nothing was said during this moment of silence.  No child offered to help; as the parents had grown so very used to their children’s slothful and disgraceful behavior.  Sally and John had caused their parents such awful stress with their rebellious nature in everything their parents had tried to teach them, from as far back as they all could remember--that now they even made fun of their parents who to them acted like conditioned robots--still doing everything for them, even at the age of fourteen; everything from cleaning their dirty laundry, cleaning up the entire house (even their own rooms, many times) to cutting the grass, and walking the dog.  Despite all this, they were never grateful to their parents for anything, in fact, they seemed to despise their loving parents who had seemed to them, to have done something so very terrible and forever unforgiving.  Why, their parents had given them life, everything, including a big beautiful home in the nicest neighborhood, with more rooms and space than they would ever need.  Sent them to the best schools with all the upper-class, where they would get the best start in life.  Get ahead from the start, so to speak, with the best primary education and skills of speech and etiquette.  In short, their parents gave them the best of everything.  And they could never figure out why all these problems with their children?


Now more agitated, aggressive and rebellious with all their free time; having no responsibilities.  American Children set up a sinister plan to take over the world.


Modelling their parents, they are deceived by their own parent’s behaviors.  Children take in all their parent’s worse habits.  Similar to their own parent’s business, they learn to cheat, steal and lie through the largest world-wide internet channels known to mankind--perverting all the most advanced technologies; initially to be used for cost-effective living for the increasing masses, in fact, promoting more efficient energy uses, along with designing and building more energy-efficient housing and transportation means--and turning them into the world’s most destructive, most frightening mass dilemma of fear that shuts down all the systems on the planet to a total darkened end.  These children however devious with their plans to do harm, is actually all a direct influence of their surrounding environment, not to mention the fact that their children Charles and Cindy both have many similar physical as well as thinking pattern similarities to their parents, William and Mary.  No less the children rebel against their parents and against the world, simply for the overwhelming responsibility of the devastating condition of this world they have been left with.  Even as children they understood, from what they learned in school and the world in general, and especially from their own parent’s business operations in oil productions, that this oil dependency and continual use, should have stopped years ago.  We as a people should have been developing alternative energies, such as solar, geothermal, wind, hydroelectric etc., before allowing the planet earth, our only home come to this. 


The air for one is nearly totally polluted, millions suffer from lung disease and infection.  Of all the water on the planet, only the very rich can afford to buy clean drinking water.  The quality of water effects every life form on this planet and without clean drinking water, the food we depend on, whether It’s meats or vegetables, it will not survive much longer.  This is why us kids are going to do something about the situation.  It may not seem like the best, most rational thing to do, but as George Orwell said many years ago: Life is Death, War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength.  We as intelligent and ambitious, compassionate children can no longer watch what is going on all around us any longer.  To hell with all the world’s religions and philosophy that tries to make sense of all this suffering and inequality, this world of ours is on its way out.  Mankind’s time is up and we’re not going to sit back and watch it fall apart right before our own face, especially as our own parent’s profit from this entire mess.




Even Charles Darwin tried to make scientific sense of mankind’s demise referring to it as something like, “It’s all about the unrestrained survival of the fittest.”  So people--all peoples of the world--short of any laws or restraints, fight for the earth’s resources, including its foods and water, its energy resources and technologies:  searching out the most effective ways to leave this planet earth; as it is ultimately on its last leg, given its trend of gross consumption and its wasteful disposal of food and non-renewable energy resources; including the much extra foods mankind has foolishly wasted by throwing out--not even making plans with all his surplus to feed his sick and starving brothers and sisters in need.  After so many years praising his science, computer skills and leaders of science with the message that man can do anything--he finds out too late--that man can actually do nothing without any plan of effective renewal. 


However he finds mankind’s most unlikely savior is right here on earth: his Korean brother--the one who he initially thought was his biggest fear and most threatening enemy.  Again, while the Koreans at first appeared to be America’s biggest enemy; we find out in the end, the Koreans are actually mankind’s closest savior-people who lead the people of Christ home.  That is, with their extremely disciplined Christ-based culture in engineering, math, science, and law and their super computer-tech, highly advanced, well prepared knowledge of Scripture, not to mention their friendly Christ-based people skills; they take all God’s people home to the next world (outer-space), as the planet earth deteriorates from ambitious Americans lack of appreciation for all that they have been blessed with.  His Korean brother lifts him so graciously to the next assigned eternal home of eternal rest that only these Asian people were assigned to do.  God has shown us, speaking of the yellow race in reference to end-time prophecies, that it would be these people, our supposed enemy that would ultimately turn out to be our Savior people; and with all their well advanced technologies, rescue us and ultimately save us and begin to prepare us to freely live on Another Planet In Time.


                                                The End