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Family Demise--Drs., Drugs and Death--Opiod-epidemic

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Rising from Hell is a poignant look at a typical America family fallen from grace. First the divorce, then we see Rita (a single mother) who cannot now control her family, and even more, this new evil: drugs, that has pervaded her family, killed her daughter and disabled her son with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Beginning in the 1980s, doctors began prescribing opiods: oxycontin, percocets, avinza, and the drug companies picked up on this need, and before we knew it, “created” a need on the prescription drug market (that ultimately trickled down to the streets) to a full blown drug trade market boon. Rising from Hell, is Mr. Rizzo’s personal story of traumatic brain injury at the age of seventeen, surrounded by drug-use and an immoral family structure, so typical of today. Mr. Rizzo says, “It was a Spiritual journey as well as a physical quest for recovery.” In addition to all the physical trauma I suffered from the accident, I suffered with severe depression and anxiety; only this was not what I was treated for. I was Miss Diagnosed (as I later explain in Chapter 13) and confined at McLean’s psychiatric facility, where I was locked-up against my will for treatment, during which time I was mistreated with nearly every psychotic drug known to mankind. Suspenseful, hopeful, inspiring, fascinating and life-changing. Rising from Hell pulls at the heart of all its readers rooting for the survival of this underdog, John Rizzo, who in the end surpasses all our deepest understandings of life, and death. Rising from Hell, a genuine story so moving and empowering, says author Bernie Siegel MD, “It answers all the questions.”

It Is In The Darkest Of Nights That We SeeThe Stars

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The victim of a devastatomg accident, author John Kennedy Rizzo knows too well of the social, spiritual amd medical aspects of traumatic brain injury.  Rising from Hell traces his path through partial paralysis, incapacitating depression and terrifying panic attacks.  On his long road to recovery, Rizzo discovered many useful ways to overcome impossible odds.  He speaks with compassion and wisdom as he encourages brain-injured persons to find their way back to the enabled life that may very well lie within their grasp.

Rising from Hell

It is in the darkest of nights that we see the stars