John Kennedy Rizzo

John Kennedy Rizzo

Rita's White House

Rita’s White House

“A House Divided By Greater Forces Than Could Ever Be Understood”




Rita’s White House appeals to the many people who are fascinated by the very possibility and reality of spirits in their lives, and even more, the many influences of the spirit in our families that cannot be readily explained.  Rita’s White House plainly displays, from day one, up from New York City in their new town, the forces of good and evil played out in so many bizarre and so many unnatural and even murderous manners all of witch leading to the near total demise of our new family in Lyme, Connecticut.

From day one, as yet a child, I found myself battling great forces of evil, the same evil and forces of which I was forced to contend with on my first day there as a family, having our first meal in a supposed restaurant just up the road a-ways and across the street from Rita’s own White House.  It was a place called: Green Shadows, the same as recorded in the town hall archives, or legend or by any locals at the country store.

In fact one of the streets I played on as a child growing up in Lyme, Connecticut was named, Blood Street, as the early colonial soldier's history tells us, fought many wild Indians to a bloody death.  Blood street was one of the many streets in Lyme, that all expanded from the central point in our town called, Hamburg Cove, as legend has it: during the Revolutionary War, Germans from Hamburg, Germany hired Indian mercenaries to assist them in the murder and all out slaughter of their English and even other American native Indian settlers.

Rita’s White House, the story of small town spiritual horror that has brought back to life in Lyme, Connecticut the many bloodthirsty spirits that haunts many in that town till this day.  In specific, the story of Rita and her big White House is a devastating look at the direct result of one ambitious woman from New York City, whose own personal ambitions took precedence over the welfare of her own family and the demise thereof in the most horrible manner imaginable.

Sitting at that very long table in that creepy old house with my Aunt Rita, my Uncle Willy and my cousin Diana (my new family), it was like something right out of the twilight zone, and all that I knew was that I was getting into something very big there, and I was scared out of my mind.  I didn’t know what to do, nor what I could do even if I could do anything at all.  Besides, I had no choice in the matter.  My mother Carol was dead, and my father Joe Rizzo might have just as well been dead.  In fact, he was nowhere to be found, as I had been suddenly thrown into the world of the bizarre.

While graduating from Southern Connecticut State University with a BS in sociology, an MS in urban land-use planning and a 6th year certificate in secondary education management, Mr. Rizzo received a scholarship for his Master’s thesis: Access is Destiny, a now published article in the Disabled Dealer Magazine, for which he next worked--further interviewing disabled persons in order to improve their lives.  He next coordinates and delivers sociology lessons at both Gateway Community College and at Southern Connecticut State University, with a focus on urban planning more efficiently designed cities for the elderly and the disabled. 

Rita’s White House appeals to the many people who are fascinated and entertained by all the many real possibilities of spirits in our lives and the influence over such disasters in our families that cannot be readily explained.